How To Deal With Black Algae In Concrete Pools

Finding slimy algae in your swimming pool is never a pleasant experience, but keeping your swimming pool free of black algae is especially important. This insidious and highly resistant form of algae can rapidly contaminate the most well-maintained swimming pool, and concrete swimming pools are particularly vulnerable to developing black algal blooms. What Is Black Algae? Technically speaking, black algae is not algae at all. It is actually a type of bacteria known as cyanobacteria, which shares a close resemblance to 'true' algae species. [Read More]

Is A Pool Cover an Essential Component for Swimming Pool Maintenance?

Pool supplies fall into two main categories — supplies that are essential for the overall functionality of your swimming pool and those that are great for recreational activities. Thus, while supplies such as speakers, inflatables and more will ensure you and your loves ones can make the most of your swimming pool, it is important to prioritise investing in the right pool pump, filters and more to keep this amenity at optimum condition! [Read More]