Brilliant Pools for Small Blocks

If you live on a small or unusually shaped block you may have assumed that you couldn't build a pool in your backyard. However, with a custom designed swimming pool you can get a pool installed into nearly any shape of space in your backyard. 

A long skinny gap

If you have a long and skinny gap around your house, you may be able to install a lap pool to allow you to do some lap swimming You can use some space saving options such as a ladder instead of stairs to enter the pool. Generally if you are doing laps by yourself you can make do with a width of 1.8m, but if you can expand this the pool will have a more flexibility to do laps with a partner. Whilst the traditional pool lengths for lap pools are 12.5 to 25 metres, the ultimate length depends on the pool owner and some people are equally happy with a shorter length for some quick laps. 

A plunge pool 

If you have a small circular or square shape, a plunge pool can be a refreshing addition to your yard. These relatively deep pools are great to cool off in after a long day. The size can be customised to your space but can be as low as 2x3m. As they are often used in small yards, they may also double as a water feature and many homeowners like to add attractive lights and use a design that integrates into the overall garden design. 

Custom design shapes

If you have an unusual spare area around your home, such as spare corner of the home or a square space that previously had at out building you can always look at getting a custom pool designed that fits the shape you have. It's important to remember that you may not necessarily be able to use the full amount of vacant space as you may have services such as sewer lines, gas lines or other services running underground in this area. A pool contractor can review the area and your house plans, and determine how much area you have available for a pool.  

A swimming pool can be a great addition to a backyard of any size and can be made in any range of sizes or shapes. If you are looking to install a pool into your small backyard, you should contact a pool contractor to explore your options.