Which pool heating system should you choose?

Whether you are building a new swimming pool for your home or modifying an existing construction, you can't ignore the issue of pool heating. You might think that if the air temperature is warm, then your pool water will be equally warm, but that is rarely the case. Even if the surface of the water feels warm, the deep water below the surface will be considerably cooler. Even at the height of summer, it's unlikely that any unheated pool will be warm enough to comfortably swim in, and since you will probably want to enjoy your pool for most of the year, then heating becomes essential. [Read More]

Correct Pool Chemistry Equals Safe and Healthy Swimming Sessions

If you recently installed a new swimming pool for your family, don't assume that your work ended with the final finishes the pool contractors did. In fact, your work only started there, since swimming pools, especially the outdoor ones, require good maintenance and regular cleaning. Your swimming pool shouldn't only be pleasant to swim in, but it should also be healthy and hygienic. Whether you have a spa, hot tub or a huge pool, you should add some chemicals to regulate the chemistry of your pool water. [Read More]