Is A Pool Cover an Essential Component for Swimming Pool Maintenance?

Pool supplies fall into two main categories — supplies that are essential for the overall functionality of your swimming pool and those that are great for recreational activities. Thus, while supplies such as speakers, inflatables and more will ensure you and your loves ones can make the most of your swimming pool, it is important to prioritise investing in the right pool pump, filters and more to keep this amenity at optimum condition! One component that is often overlooked by some homeowners is a pool cover.

The reason why some homeowners underrate the importance of a cover is they think that it is only functional in keeping debris out of the water, and they would rather clean their pool daily. But this is not the only benefit of owning a pool cover. Read on for compelling reasons why a pool cover is integral for the maintenance of your swimming pool.

 A swimming pool cover will mitigate evaporation

You likely invested in swimming pool construction for your property to get relief from Australia' stifling summer heat. But one thing not many homeowners take into consideration is how this heat affects their swimming pool! Keeping your pool directly exposed to extreme temperatures will lead to the steady evaporation of the water. The higher the degree of evaporation, the more water lost, and you will have to refill your pool more frequently than normal.

Thus, you end up wasting this precious resource that is already scarce, which translates into steep utility bills. Rather than keep paying for expensive water bills, you should invest in a pool cover that will limit evaporation. Moreover, this promotes water conservation and this helps you contribute to environmental preservation!

A swimming pool cover limits the use of chemicals

Speaking of evaporation, the second reason why you should invest in a pool cover is to prevent the premature loss of pool chemicals in this same manner! Chemicals are vital for keeping your pool water healthy for a couple of reasons. To begin with, the chemicals kill microorganisms such as algae, bacteria and so on that could end up breeding in the swimming pool and render it unusable.

Secondly, pool chemicals help with lending the water an enticing hue by preventing discolouration that could make your swimming pool appear unattractive and, consequently, detract from the curb appeal of your yard! However, when the pool remains uncovered, it becomes vulnerable to chemical evaporation. Resultantly, some homeowners make up for this by adding more chemicals into the water, causing allergic reactions such as itchy eyes, peeling skin and so on. To keep your loved ones safe and your pools chemical balance at optimum, it is advisable to purchase a pool cover.