Easy Swimming Pool Renovations To Upgrade Your Landscape Appeal

Swimming pool renovations may be one of the landscape aspects you think about but aren't sure what direction to go in. You may decide to even let them go for a bit while you work on other aspects of the landscape design. A pool renovation doesn't have to be hard, expensive, or expansive to upgrade your landscape appeal. Here are a few easy renovations that you can use in your plans.

Rope Lighting

Rope lighting may sound a little cheap and like something you want to use on your patio, but not with your swimming pool renovations. The truth is, rope lighting can be high end and can upgrade your landscape appeal quickly. An easy way to use this idea is to run the rope lighting around the border of your pool fencing. It can give you extra lighting during the night and some safety by outlining areas that you may trip over or miss otherwise. You can also choose various colours and options, like running lights, to add even more appeal.

Glass Tile Accents

If you have decided to have the tile on your swimming pool replaced, then consider glass tile. Glass tile can be as simple as you like, or you can have a pool contractor use glass tile to create unique images and designs for you. This type of tile gives you a sparkling appeal as opposed to a matte finish other tiles may offer. The key point to remember about glass tile is that it should be cut, shaped, and installed by a professional in order to preserve durability and ensure there are no rough areas that could lead to cracking or injury of your pool guests.

Waterfall Addition

Even if you have a smaller pool, you can add a bit of landscape appeal by adding a waterfall. This addition can give your guests something to talk about while giving you the meditative sound of gently flowing water. Though you can choose any design that fits your needs, you will need a professional swimming pool contractor to install the right pump system to keep the water flowing and cut down on any issues you may have that would cause algae tp build-up and clog your waterfall pump and swimming pool filters.

If these ideas appeal to you, or if you have other ideas for your swimming pool renovations, contact a pool contractor. They can give you a price estimate and work with your existing pool to create a landscape appeal that works for you and your landscape design.