Pool Equipment Storage Tips -- Filter Boxes

Even if you've put a lot of effort into designing your outdoor space and your pool area, your pool's pump and filter equipment can stand out like a sore thumb. This equipment is essential to the smooth running and maintenance of your pool; however, it isn't really meant to look pretty or to blend in to your garden. Filters and pumps can also be noisy and may need some protection from the weather. A filter box or enclosure stores pool equipment safely, giving you a range of benefits.

Make Your Garden Look Better

A filter box or enclosure stores essential pool equipment, hiding it from open view. Typically made from timber or aluminium, you can buy open enclosures that simply shield equipment from public view, or you can fit your pump and filter into a box design with a lid. Depending on the size and location of your equipment, you may be able to use a standard design. If you have an odd space to fill or prefer a customised look, storage companies may offer a custom build service. In either case, a box or enclosure can make your outdoor area look a lot more attractive and tidy.

Protect Your Pool Equipment

If your pool equipment is out in the open, it is exposed to the weather. In the summer, filters and pumps have to deal with UV rays; in the winter, they may have to cope with rain and wind damage. Boxing up essential equipment protects it from the elements and may make it last longer before it needs replacement. A filter box may be a small investment that saves you money in the long run.

Keep Your Equipment Away From Small Hands

Boxing off pool pump and filter equipment doesn't just hide it from view, but also keeps it away from your kids. This may help reduce outdoor accidents and prevent curious kids from messing with your pool's machinery.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Your pool's filters and pumps can get noisy, making it harder to enjoy your outdoor time. In extreme cases, noisy equipment may be loud enough to irritate your neighbours, jeopardising your local relationships. In some cases, a regular box reduces noise simply because it covers and insulates the equipment. If your machinery is particularly noisy, and you don't think a regular cover will be enough to quieten it down, consider buying an insulated product or adding additional soundproofing to the build.