Renovations You Can Consider For Your Swimming Pool

When homeowners have a swimming pool installed, the last thing they think about is updating it. However, just as with other areas of your home, swimming pools may start looking decrepit over time due to wear and tear and it may be time to start considering pool renovations. The good news is that there are an array of both aesthetic as well as functional renovations that you could opt for from pool contractors. Not only can they remedy any malfunctions that your pool may be encountering, but they can also work toward decreasing the amount of money you spend on pool maintenance. Here are some of the transformative renovations that you could consider for your swimming pool.

A salt-water chlorinator

Chlorinating your pool is a hassle that you cannot avoid. If you miss this crucial maintenance step then you could end up dealing with hordes of bacteria and other microbes in your swimming pool. The good news is there is now a new wave in swimming pool technology that can rid you of this burden. Rather than having to purchase chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine for your pool, you can now have a salt-water chlorinator installed. When your swimming pool needs to be chlorinated, a chemical process transforms salt into chlorine right from the pool itself. These chlorinators not only monitor the chlorine levels for you, but they also regulate the amount of chlorine thus preventing red eyes after swimming due to too much chlorine.

LED pool lights

Another simple way of updating your pool without having to put too much effort into renovations is changing its lighting to colour LED lights. With these lights, you have the option of either inserting them directly onto the pool floor or into the walls of the swimming pool. They are quite bright , not only illuminating your pool with a variety of colours, but are also giving your back garden a great source for lighting. Investing in these pool lights will also provide you a dynamic backdrop when hosting guests during evening parties.

An electronic auto-fill

Including this in your pool renovation ensures that your swimming pool now has an endless water supplier. Just as you need to maintain your pool through chlorinating it, you also need to ensure that the water levels are kept at optimum. An electronic auto-fill will unburden you with having to keep a watchful eye on your water levels, as it will ensure that the water does not drop.