How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Residential Property

The fence you choose for your residential property is very important; fences determine borders between neighbours, but they also offer security against potential intruders while keeping pets and children safely inside. Fences can work as a backdrop for landscaping and flowerbeds, and give you a place to hang outdoor lanterns and even artwork, improving the look of your yard! Note a few tips for choosing the best fence for your residential property so you know you're happy with that fence for years to come.

If you have pets

Pets may need a solid panel fence so they don't get distracted by every passerby. This can also mean less chance of their noses or paws getting caught in the mesh of a fence or between fence bars. Wood isn't always the best choice for homes with pets, as they may scratch at the wood and cause nicks and damage, so consider a vinyl fence with a wood pattern or grain instead.

If you have noisy kids

If you have noisy kids or tend to entertain a lot in your yard, or the noise is coming from your neighbour's home, glass or solid vinyl fencing can be the best option. The solid panels will bounce soundwaves back into your neighbour's yard or keep it contained in your own yard so no one is bothered by noise.

For a modern home

Traditional wood fencing may not work well against a modern home that is constructed with lots of glass and metal. Instead, choose iron bars that run horizontally between posts; these bars can be set over a poured concrete base that is painted a colour that coordinates with your home. A glass fence also works well outside a very modern home.

For maximum security

Choose iron bars with pointed finials, or a hurricane fence with twisted barbs at the top for maximum security. These fences are difficult to climb and will keep out potential intruders.

If you have a pool

Metal and wood can easily get damaged by pool chemicals, so they're not always the best materials for a pool fence. Glass fencing is a better choice; the glass is durable and allows you to easily see into the pool area, so you can monitor your kids or note if anyone is using the pool without your permission! This also allows for lots of sunlight into the pool area, and glass fencing won't interfere with your view of your property's landscaping or the horizon.