Pool Equipment Storage Tips -- Filter Boxes

Even if you've put a lot of effort into designing your outdoor space and your pool area, your pool's pump and filter equipment can stand out like a sore thumb. This equipment is essential to the smooth running and maintenance of your pool; however, it isn't really meant to look pretty or to blend in to your garden. Filters and pumps can also be noisy and may need some protection from the weather. [Read More]

Easy Swimming Pool Renovations To Upgrade Your Landscape Appeal

Swimming pool renovations may be one of the landscape aspects you think about but aren't sure what direction to go in. You may decide to even let them go for a bit while you work on other aspects of the landscape design. A pool renovation doesn't have to be hard, expensive, or expansive to upgrade your landscape appeal. Here are a few easy renovations that you can use in your plans. [Read More]