The Thin Blue Lining: Choosing A Durable Pool Lining For A Family Pool

A swimming pool can be a great addition to any family home (not to mention a good way to keep the kids amused and out of your hair), but a swimming pool designed for family use has to be tough enough to stand up to punishment. One of the most delicate parts of your new pool will be the pool lining, the material that protects the interior of your pool beneath the waterline. [Read More]

Brilliant Pools for Small Blocks

If you live on a small or unusually shaped block you may have assumed that you couldn't build a pool in your backyard. However, with a custom designed swimming pool you can get a pool installed into nearly any shape of space in your backyard.  A long skinny gap If you have a long and skinny gap around your house, you may be able to install a lap pool to allow you to do some lap swimming You can use some space saving options such as a ladder instead of stairs to enter the pool. [Read More]

How to Effectively Ask Your Pool Contractor for References

If you want to know what kind of work you should expect from your pool contractor, you only need to take a look at their previous work. However, people often ask about how long they have been installing pools and try to find out as much they can about their reputation but gloss over their references of previous work. Perhaps it is assumed that a long time in the pool services business naturally results in quality services, which is true in some cases. [Read More]

Ready To Extend Your Swimming Season? Two Things To Know About Solar Pool Heating Collectors

One thing Australia has plenty of is sunshine, and as a new pool owner it is time to consider how you can extend your swimming season well past the end of summer. Solar pool heating takes advantage of all those sunny days and heats your pool to a temperature that means you can keep swimming well into autumn. The collector is the heart of keeping a solar pool heating system running, and these are the two main things you need to know about them. [Read More]